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VISENTA studio is a photo company that works with rooftops, restaurants, and lounges. Our company cooperates with 201 restaurants in different states.


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New Jersey
Washington DC

States where we work

Video Reviews

Dara Mirjahangiry
Sei Less Owner
Ben An
Kimoto Rooftop General Manager
Luis Vasquez
Sofrito Manager
Luis Flores
Cantina Rooftop General Manager

Reasons why

Why restaurants are choosing us?


You don’t pay us money, we pay you


No contract or fees


Our Photographers provide professional photo service for your guests


Free advertising and promotion for your restaurant


How it works?

We send our photographer to your restaurant. We bring a small box with equipment inside

The photographer politely approaches the tables asking guests if they want to take a photo. Our team is trained, and knows all the subtleties of restaurant etiquette

Guests can purchase their glass-framed photos for $20, plus we'll send a digital copy as a compliment.

Your restaurant gets paid of our sales

We provide all photos for your social media and website

Your LOGO will be on each picture (printed and digital). Guests post photos with your LOGO online, and keep the frame at home as a nice reminder of your restaurant

Contact us if you need a complete list of restaurants or manager’s recommendations

+1 (347) 447-4916

Why a restaurant needs a photographer?

As a rule, groups of up to 10 people do not invite a photographer to an event. Especially, in this case, our service is convenient for them

A marriage proposal or another meaningful ceremony takes place at a restaurant

If for some reason, a hired photographer will not be able to appear at the event

Quality. The photos on the phone’s camera can’t be compared with professional photography, especially in poorly lit room

Apply for a parthership

+1 (347) 447 4916


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